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Light field photography is about to shake the world of digital photography with new amazing opportunities that it brings to the scene (read more about Light Field Photography).

Lytro, the company that created this revolutionary product, has made it very easy to share the “living pictures”, as they call it. At the moment you can only upload them to their website, Lytro.com, and from there they can be embedded into your blog or website.

To make the process as easy as possible download and install the Embed Light Field Photos WordPress plugin that we have made. Once you activate it, you will be able to paste the URL of the photo you want to embed to your post or page and it will appear on your blog as a living picture.

When new light field photo players or providers emerge, we will update the plugin with these new providers.

If you have problems with the plugin, want to make a suggestion or just say hi, please drop us a line at admin@lightfieldphotobook.com.


Download the plugin

Embed Light Field Photos 1.1 (.zip) – March 1st 2012

Changes for version 1.1
- Added support for https:// urls
- Added support for urls for photos of individual users



Here is an example URL that we will paste in the post or page we are writing.


And here is the result on the blog.



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